Spiritual Bliss Ecstasy

Love. So misunderstood. You see there is a very high frequency that we can now measure - the closest word to describe it is love BUT not love in a physical idea it is a frequency when reached can effect both the body mind and spirit. Some called it spiritual bliss...

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Excerpt from “The Skull Speaks”

If the mind of each individual has the power of creation, then let us create harmony and compatibility. Let us create a world where all may have an opinion and not be crucified for his differences. Let us all strive to bring our world back into focus. Let...

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Does balance on our planet affect other planets?

This would be an affirmative reply to your question, yes indeed for there must be perfect balance within the universe, therefore it is necessary for your planet to be there are there balanced individual within the structure of the universe. If you do not...

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April 2020

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