Does balance on our planet affect other planets?

This would be an affirmative reply to your question, yes indeed for there must be perfect balance within the universe, therefore it is necessary for your planet to be there are there balanced individual within the structure of the universe. If you do not have balance in one particular area of the Universe, then you will find destruction much as you see upon this small blue planet.

Balance and order and perfection of consciousness is the Oneness of All. There have been many of your planets in your system that have imploded or have been destroyed by the lack of balance. Indeed the life upon which you call your moon was without balance for there were a time in your moon history, which there were a duality of moons, two moons, two moons, two moons and we would say that your ancient people will have histories of these. Not in the histories of the written word but in the histories of old tradition and therefore when the one moons was destroyed therefore the life upon the one which you now deem to know as your moon had to be transferred to the Earth. The small blue planet.