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April 8, 2020 Full Moon Meditation with The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull…



In 1983 the prediction from The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull…spoke of these times we are dealing with today…Carole Davis…💗🙏🏽✨💫💕💗💕💕



Excerpt from…

“The Skull Speaks “

pg 50 …



December 4th, 1983


VOICE: We seek to… We seek to… (Long pause while Carole spins the Crystal Skull on the turntable). We wish to impart information concerning the healing of the material body. We wish to impart this information at a time when your planet will be much seized by diseases unknown to your medical men at this time. We wish to impart information that the material body contains all the substance that you could find upon your planet. Indeed, there is very little difference between the body in which you now reside to that which is grown or found upon the surface, or beneath the surface, of your planet.


The diseases of the material body will find their betterment with all that is upon and within your Earth’s atmosphere. We ask you now to be much aware of the diseases which will come about because of that which is destructive within your atmosphere. There will be at this time and in this place and within many of your countries on the planet, diseases which shall overtake mankind and which are, indeed, produced by mankind. You have, in the past asked about future dates and of that which can be helpful. We offer you now the thought that the healing of your fellow man will be much within your charge, for those of the “Other” will decide that there can be no correctible measures in helping the human body. In which case, they will seek to quickly destroy the same (the human body), unleashing “gross minds” within the atmosphere that can become, once released from the material body, much more harmful as they will remain close to your earth’s atmosphere and build power to unleash upon the minds of the “Other” still left within the body.


We would remind you that the Earth’s atmosphere is full of that which you call “radioactive beams of light”, and beams produced by mankind which will work upon the brain, the computer of the material body. This will lead to diseases as yet un-named by your medical men. We will tell you that the corrective measures, the cure of the material body, lies strictly within the Earth, upon the Earth, and within the Earth’s atmosphere.


We wish to differentiate, this time, between the diseases and an ill-at-ease of the material body and that of the mind. The mind, or the “soul”, or the “governor” of the material body as you would have it known, cannot be helped by that which is grown, that which is made, or that which is in the Earth for this is the part that remains strictly to the force that you know as the God Force.


The mind can only be helped; corrective measures made within it can only be done by “like minds”. You will have to use the energies of Love and Light and Sound to make corrective measures within the mind. It can only be helped by the putting together with, as described, the Oneness.


It is the mind which creates and if the mind has been corrupted by the use of the Power of negativity, then this will, or course, destroy the material body. Those whom you have deemed to have Extra-sensories will be, indeed, the Healers of the future since no one will be able to understand or use the measures of correcting and of altering the diseases of the body and the mind. And when these people (the Extra-sensories) so discern that the correction (healing) of the disease is for the benefit of the Other, there will be no correction. The Other will be released of their material body so that their minds will be overcome with positive thoughts before their release upon the atmosphere.


“Enquiring Mind”, we are here to answer your questions.


INT: Thank you. Coming back to what you have just been talking about… the “Releasing of Minds into the atmosphere” … are you talking about the release of the minds of the “Gross Beings” into the atmosphere?


VOICE: That is what we are describing.…