“The Skull Speaks”…Excerpt from

by | Dec 26, 2018 | SKULL SPEAKS

If the mind of each individual has the power of creation, then let us create harmony and compatibility. Let us create a world where all may have an opinion and not be crucified for his differences. Let us all strive to bring our world back into focus. Let us strive to cast out all negativity so that this small planet will not be known as the Small Dark Planet of Earth, but rather, let us refine it. And now, let us reach into the ‘time’ and ‘space’ theories and understand that they are there to cloak the eyes. Let us reach out with our minds and understand that this small Earth could, indeed, be the one linking point for many galaxies. Let us open the minds of those of One to understand that, with concentration of the mind, we can control and create an environment in which all of those of the like minds will be compatible to co-exist and learn in the Third Dimension that there is a possibility to create life and form of such depth that has never been understood before.

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